Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blogging - Such a Hip Thing

But what Happened? How come it does not climb to the top of my to-do-list? It is again over six months and I wake up. No words, no photos posted.

Perhaps this is a sign that I have a life. One outside of the virtual world.

Here are some prove to share with you:

Nepal Feb 2014

Taj Mahal, India March 2014

Early Finnish Spring April 2014

Finnish Apple Blossom May 2014

Neighbours June 2014

Sun Set in Visby, Sweden July 2014

Fun in Kuopio, Finland August 2014

Reaching the Moon, Kuopio Finland September 2014

Let's enjoy the beauty that exists around us; nature, friends, family, silence... You name it.

The non-virtual world is pretty HIP to me. What do you say?