Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Beginning of My Journeys

Today is the birthday of my long dreamt blog! 18th November 2012 it is!

Summer Memories
All of us must start from somewhere: learn to walk, talk and coexist with other people. My personal journey across cultures started very early. Growing up in a multi-lingual village as a representative of the very few Finns was an exciting launch pad for my life. As a gift I learnt to negotiate between Finnish and Swedish without too much parental help. Not always a smooth ride, but worth every moment.

That may be my first milestone to be shared with you this time. More to come as I plan to take you around the globe in my adventures from Europe to America, Asia and even Down Under.

Join me on the trip, if you may. I do my best to ensure that you can enjoy, while I do ... or did... all the exhausting travel with jet lags, lost suitcases and missed planes/nerves.

Till next time and place!