Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are You Living Truly Your Life?

Focusing on positive matters and steering away from negative experiences is a choice. The same applies to finding your calling. Both require a certain amount of energy, will power and consciously invested time.

A couple of years ago I bumped into a list of questions designed to clarify your vision in life. Take a look at the list below with an open mind. Check, if your life is reflecting what your truly are and where you want be heading.

Ready to take off.
  1. What are my desires from the day one?
  2. How about my motivators?
  3. What keeps me going when going gets tough?
  4. What makes me refuse to quit?
  5. What do I do that does not seem like work?
  6. What brings positive response & support of my doings?
  7. What do I do when doors open?
  8. What feedback I get of those positive things?
  9. What make me feel good about myself?
  10. What makes me creative?
  11. What am I willing to sacrifice to accomplish it?
  12. Is my work worth for some greater purpose?
  13. What would I do without being paid for?
  14. What resistance would I tolerate?
For many reasons we shy away from answering these questions. In my previous blog I challenged you to take small, repetitive steps to learn new tricks. Now I ask you to sit down and do some homework with where you are heading to. Perhaps the above list can help you out.

Some food for thought this time:

                                  'Choices are the hinges of destiny.' -Edwin Markham

I believe this refocusing work is an on-going process. It cannot happen, if you never even start the ball rolling. I admit that it has taken me a number of years living in many countries to get going with this. I cannot boast of any great success, but I promise to do a bit better job this time. To create a real snowball effect of vision realignment with you all.

Why not to be brave enough to full fill your own dream?