Monday, February 10, 2014

Do You Dare to be Honest?

Competing with others is a tough job and running the race calls for difficult choices. It is easy to discuss about fairness and honesty from a theoretical point of view. Real life and achieving set goals on fair and square terms can be a bit more challenging than any good intended rational guides you and me.

The following thought made me ponder my own decisions more thoroughly:

A Shoe

'It matters not what you do, 
make a nation or a shoe. 
For he who does an honest thing, 
in God's pure sight is ranked a king.'
- John Parnell

Any thoughts?

Good luck to the new week of refreshing reflections of honesty and choices to be made!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Agile or Frozen on the spot?

Occasionally I find myself in situations where I don't want to be. Perhaps you know the feeling? Those occasions when one is taking a less funny ride in a roller coaster questioning own decisions, actions, moves or -in the worst kind of scenario - own personality. Luckily such a halt can be a sign to take time out and ask where am I going and why.

It is utmost easy to take up opportunities, which are not quite suitable for us. Thoughts like 'There is something good hidden in this' and 'Even if it is not 100% match, I see great opportunities hiding somewhere there' gallop in our mind. One forgets to ask the honest question: 'Did I REALLY listen what was said' and 'Is this actually the best choice for my set of skills and experience?'.

Taking up new challenges and stretching once boundaries does no harm. It shows courage and curiosity to explore new fields, even if the result turns out a bit different than one expects. When one chapter closes, another can begin.

There are five things I try to keep in mind in whatever situation or country I am in or out:

1. remain humble enough to ask help
2. accept that culture shock is part of the deal when going through a change of any environment
3. keep a mental note: ’common sense is not so common’ - it is defined by our personal experiences
4. have mercy on yourself and take time to relax and chill out - especially when the going gets trough
5. people are people no matter where you go

My personal experience has thought me that by applying these five points, I keep my mind and body agile. Possibly I am also a bit nicer person to hang around with. In private and at work.

To finish with ....

'Learn to enjoy where you are, while you are waiting to get to where you want to be.'
- unknown author -