Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finally completed... the Communicatix web site

The Take Off
Helsinki - Finland
March 2013
It is about the time for the Easter break.
Read, eat and relax.

A Q1/2013 analysis would reveal energizing results in the form of
  • many new friends
  • amazing travel experiences including a football match in London
  • rewarding business opportunities
  • and much more.
Finalizing the website project of Communicatix just before the break, gives an opportunity to take a well-earned breather and relax. Astonishing how creating a simple site can turn into weeks or even months worth of work. Did I learn anything? Well…  teamwork rocks and KISS.

As the spring is slowly but surely tiptoeing to the Northern Hemisphere,
I wish you great Easter time with the Maori proverb:

         'Turn your face to the sun
          and the shadows fall behind you.'

Fine-tuning continues - on the website as it does in life in general! Thanks for those making the first quarter so successful! Let’s keep up with the team effort and go-for-it attitude!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

(Coffee) Time to Continue

Thanks for all the requests to blog more with you!
It took four months to brew the idea and here we go!

Serious Business -
The Coffee Break
Talking about brewing. There is definitely one things that keeps Finns going: COFFEE. We are not talking about Gloria Jeans or Starbucks type of thing, but the real, home made, filtered coffee or the pre-coffee-maker-age-coffee boiled in a proper coffee kettle.

After all, it is not about the taste! It is all about its social function of being together and eating proper Finnish Cinnamon Bread -korvapuusti- with it. Btw, my apologies for all Swedes, who claim Cinnamon Bread Swedish. My mom makes the best and -therefore- it must be Finnish!

Old habits die hard as the photo on the right shows.  As a stubbornly devoted coffee drinker, I claim that 'coffee-centrizity' is in the core of Finnish-ness. It serves as a energy booster, source of creativity and bonding excuse in both private and public sphere. One of the many stepping stones for communication across cultures.

 Do you agree? Let's brew together some discussion around and with coffee!

Here some tips for those interested:
My favorite Finnish places to stock up is Kaffecentral and number one location to enjoy coffee and great brekkie is Cafe Lasipalatsi.  Both in Helsinki.

Till next time and topic!