Friday, August 30, 2013

Dig in to the Most Mundane Work with a Smile

No matter how high the risk,
it is still worth the adventure.
Soon a month of small efforts suggested in my previous blog is over. Has it been fun? Worth the effort? Or have you given up by now? I would say it has not been easy, but certainly it has been a continuation of a life-long-adventure.

Success does come very slowly and waiting those numerous repetitions to sum up to something worthwhile calls for patience. The Finnish autumn weather with days of sunshine and photographic moments has been inspiring environment for any kind of practice. Being it mental or physical.

Talking seriously the advice of focusing on just one single thing at the time has proven to be good. Added with taking consciously time to get the amount of rest and work in balance, has made the practice possible. Not that I can boast of great success, but one month is a very short time. Isn't it? A toss of humor, flexibility and perseverance with healthy amount of boundaries with fellow human-beings are those extra ingredients on the life recipe I try to apply. Even when it all feels mundane and hard work, throwing in some smile makes the work lighter.

When things really get tough, I try to dig into my memory storage of supportive people or occasions. In the same place reside some thoughts, which have travelled with me while globe hoping. One of them was caught in a camp weekend during my teenage years:

      'You lazy fool, look at an ant.
       Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two.'  Proverb 6:6 (Bible, MSG) 

What do you think? Worth learning something?

I admit that I have a long way to go. My smile may be just a grin at times and my approach has a lot of room for improvement. Accepting the unexpected hiccups and enjoying the more than welcomed happy moments, makes life properly spiced and exciting.

Till next time when we are wiser or at least more experienced!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Life - a Sum of Small Efforts

Only by slowing down,
you can catch scenes like this.
Honesty is what is needed now!

So here I go: My genuine plan to update this blog encountered some real life obstacles: a busy schedule with exciting clients, small hiccups with my dwelling place and extended hours driving from one location to another. The long-waited summer holiday in July brought along some time to catch one's breath.

Life is not just a bundle of challenges, but full of learning opportunities. Holidays offered some time to reflect those learnings. Every spare minute squeezed from work for family, friends and reading has proven to recharge my batteries. It has also become more obvious that there are people who need a lot of time to learn this valuable learning. Rushing it by good hints and advices get you nowhere. Unless you count frustration 'somewhere'.

Learning can be tedious work even if just learning from your own mistakes so close home. The smallest start demands a lot of effort. Scaling down the often larger-than-life expectations will make the start a bit easier. Who has said that you have to get all done at once? Tuning your timing with your new starts will ensure better outcomes and more satisfaction with life. It may sound obvious, but I challenge you: choose one thing you wish to learn and really start with it. You will see what I try to highlight!

I leave you with the words of Robert Collier:

      'Success is the sum of small efforts,
       repeated day in and out.'

Next time we will see what achievements our efforts have summed up to.