Sunday, January 5, 2014

Three Wise Gifts for the New Year 2014

Stop Children going Blind!
Keeping up with the beat takes time. My time, your time, our time. All of us are facing the same challenge of time management: how to fit together family, work and personal responsibilities. The one common denominator is quilt of not having enough of time.

The silence of this blog speaks about the same matter. Finding time to be on- and off-line recalls for some fine-tuning and tough choices. It is hard find a total solution to the dilemma of time management. I have come to the conclusion that doing some small nice things may help others and oneself in managing time and life in general.

My personal suggestion includes three wise gifts we can give to others and ourselves:
  1. by providing positive and open-minded comments and feedback to people around us, we add many extra hours to their lives by more relaxed environment to exist and excel.
  2. by fostering humor and laughter even in tough situations, we make others more comfortable and may even bring smile to our own faces.
  3. by helping those in need in the form suitable to us, we increase the potential for well-being nearby and faraway.  
Not so difficult! Sometimes that one positive comment may change the world or giving a small financial contribution to a good cause can have a snowball effect of goodness. Both intangible and tangible gifts can add some extra breathing space to the scarce 24 x 7 we have. Perhaps we can see our future even brighter than now by putting these three gifts in practise.
What is your action plan of personal time management for the year 2014? Is it wise?